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Final Exit hoodie, limited run

Monument threw a party to say goodbye forever and ever to the Monumental release of Final Exit Discography on vinyl, dvd, poster. One of its kind. SOLD OUT.

Limited run. Get one at the pre-order or risk to miss out. Umeå hardcore.

(click phot to reach pre-order)

Final Exits first output was the album TEG. 15 songs in 18 minutes. Still one of the most loved 18 minutes in the history of Umeå Hardcore. This hoodie is a tribute to TEG and to all the Northcore fans!



Times Of Desperation and NPN podcast

Monument are psyched to announce that we will be working with this all out vegan metalcore juggernaut to a band. Together with friends we are about to release new songs together with Gaia bleeds and the tunes from the split with Path Of Resurgence.  More info will follow.


Our friends at Nere På Noll Podcast talks about the label in episode 177. Good talk and we are humbled to be a part of this saga that revolves around punk and hardcore. In swedish

Monument, this institution in hardcore. We talk about Monuments history, releases, favorite merch and drop some chocking facts. 

Thanks to Danne, Robin and David!


Arizona straight edge hardcore new on pre-order

This is the debut from Civilian Mind. Monument will carry the european color (marbled purple) and a few of the US color (marbled brown). So act fast.

For fans of: Have Heart, Strife, Verse, Go It Alone, Sinking Ships, hardcore


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Yo! Yo! Yo!

The Sidestep wax have landed and pre-orders are shipping fast. On blue. Catch Sidestep and Outstand on their tour in Europe. 

Sidestep pre-order is open!

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order now!


Pre-order to get first in line to get Göteborg hardcore 2022!

Monument 20 years of hardcore

Est 2002, with 62 record releases, tons of shows, a clothing line and publications, collabs and whatnot... 

...Monument are psyched to present the one and only "20 years of hardcore" anniversary.  

The artist: Marc Strömberg, Håll Det Äkta, Forever Young and Marc UÅ.

Limited to the first press of 100x.

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