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TitleTeg hoodie
Price499 SEK
Artist(s)Final Exit
Label(s)Monument, Monument Clothing, Marc Strömberg

Monument threw a party to say goodbye forever and ever to the Monumental release of Final Exit Discography on vinyl, dvd, poster. One of its kind. SOLD OUT.

Limited run. Get one at the pre-order or risk to miss out. Umeå hardcore forever.

Final Exit: Members of Refused and Abhinanda switched instruments with each other and started a new project together. They called themselves Final Exit and played fast as fuck hardcore!

Their first output was the album TEG. 15 songs in 18 minutes. Still one of the most loved 18 minutes in the history of Umeå Hardcore. This hoodie is a tribute to TEG and to all the Northcore fans!

Designer: Marc Strömberg a.k.a. Marc UÅ. Marc used to be in bands like Håll Det Äkta and Forever Young (which we have both released on Monument), he is also the architect behind the Cloudberry Grenade soda and a true master of illustrations. Marc have done designs for bands like Strife and Division of Laura Lee as well as for Bastard Burgers and Umeå hockey team Björklöven. Marc is a real hardcore kid and he shares our passion for hardcore. And construction gloves.

Printed on hoodie Gildan heavy blend

Packed in polybag

Pre-orders shipped first in August 2023

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