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TitleBloodmouth genocide
Price99 SEK
Artist(s)Times Of Desperation

Swedish vegan fury blasting the scene with cage breaking moshparts, malicious tremolos and uncompromising lyrics. While honoring the 90’s roots of vegan metalcore and bands like Reprisal and Arkangel, Times Of Desperation are pushing the limits for the entire genre adding a modern sound with ferocious breakdowns causing seismic activity in the entire H8000 area.


Track list:
1. Dominion
2. Decent life
3. The blood is on your hands
4. Industry of death
5. Their final moment
6. Violence as means to an end
7. Participation equals guilt
8. The final war
9. Disciples of illusion
10. Wrath of man 

For fans of: Earth Crisis, Reprisal, Rain Of Salvation, Arkangel, vegan metalcore


Artwork by Marc UÅ


Release date: 24-01-01

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