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TitleDeranged realities
Price100 SEK
Artist(s)Agent Attitude
Label(s)Monument, Adult Crash

The super well disciplined and highly productive Uppsala HC/punk machine are on the move again; swinging at The Communichaos Clay Station just before heading back out on the road!

Here we are talking fast hardcore of the old school with clear USHC tendencies from all the wonderful 80's. Dirty, bloody and raw quickly, just as it was intended from the very beginning. Frustration, anxiety and cheeky middle finger recorded on a twelve inch of plastic. It does not get much more punk than this.

For fans of: Battalion Of Saints, Black Flag, Minor Threat, early Suicidal Tendencies, Jerry’s Kids, Bl’ast, Circle Jerks. “Totalitär, Bl’ast, SSD and Black Flag raised a baby together”.


Track list:
1. Not again
2. Deranged realities
3. Step aside
4. Nothing for me
5. Life ain't fun
6. You make no sense
7. Police control
8. Exclude me
9. UA life
10. Controlled and deceived
11. We'll never learn
12. Mass psychosis

* Pre-orders shipped first! Est. release date: August/September 2014

Pressing info, Monument:
30x opaque yellow
120x solid black

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