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TitleKilling angels
Price140 SEK
Label(s)Combat Rock Industry, Burning Heart

Similar to Darkest Hour in their Gothenburg Death Metal qualities, Nine tick off all everything you look for in this kind of record - acid-gargling vocals, crunchy riffs and simplistic drumming, and then more besides. The energy of hardcore, the heft of metal and the swing of rock'n'roll all play a part in the Swedish band's skull-cracking aural juggernaut.


Track list:
A1 Inferno
A2 Euthanasia (Guitar – Örjan Örnkloo)
A3 Watching The Train Go By
A4 The Strategy Of Fear
A5 Discontent O.D.
B1 The End
B2 Anxiety Report
B3 Cardiac Arrest
B4 33 (Guitar – Örjan Örnkloo)
B5 Them (Vocals – L.G. Petrov)


Swedish melodic death metallers Nine wield a mighty riff, aptly displayed on the 10-track release Killing Angels. Melding the unlikely tandem of the low end of Entombed, the savagery of Carcass, and the raw rock release of The Hellacopters, tracks like the blistering opener "Inferno" contain demonic grooves that only a well-versed Swedish outfit could muster. Bold choruses and over the top vocals are some of Nine's strong suits, as songs with the deathrock feel of "The Strategy of Fear" and the QOTSA meets The Haunted onslaught of "Discontent O.D." are laden with such attributes. Twisting the metal, stoner, and rock genres into its own concoction, Killing Angels is sonically solid and provides a righteous listening experience to those that enjoy the sounds of a true example of crossover metal.

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