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Power Face - Releases

Power Face
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Thrashing guitars, fiery basslines, soaring vocals and earth-shattering drums! Well hey, what else would you expect from Stockholms hardest working, DIY-soldiering, bärs-drinking, smooth talking, soul soothing, play-it-til’-your-fingers-bleed rock ‘n’ roll animals?

Power Face might not, I repeat MIGHT not, alter your perception of how hardcore with a fistful of heavy metal should sound and feel. It WILL however keep fans of Agent Attitude, Headed for Disaster, Undergång, Fukushima, Night Fever and/or Gang Green rockin’ morning, noon and night straight on through to the other side!

Hailing from three parts the madness that is the Capital with a capital C, Stockholm City, and one part the northern savagery of Örnsköldsvik, Power Face will never never never never never compromise in their ongoing quest towards bringing the fire of hard rock to the flames of hardcore.

In conclusion: you wanted the best and you got the best, the hottest band in hardcore. So grease up and keep on keepin’ on, ‘cause Power Face is gonna fuck you up!



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