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Artist(s)Harms Done
Label(s)Straight & Alert

Nantes powerviolence / raw hardcore punk band HARM DONE offer their latest killer album for free! Released in cooperation with Straight & Alert Records, the new offering comes right after the recent lineup changes and the introduction of drummer Corentin and bassist Benou (DIREWOLVES / SOUVENIRS / SUTURE). "Abuse/Abused" encapsulates the gloomy / dark hardcore niche perfectly and serves a perfect solution to warm up this winter. Check it out and scroll down to see where to catch them live.


Track list:
1. A Perpetual Wait

2. Sink Again

3. Drifting Away

4. Alone

5. Empire Of Dust

6. Abuse / Abused

7. XY Domination

8. Twice Rather Than Once

9. Two Worlds

10. Intro 

11. Wall Of Stone

12. I Am The Mistake

13. Crooked Friendship

14. Big Mouth

15. No Authority But Mine

16. Bitter End


17. Blunder

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