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No Omega
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NO OMEGA plays a dark and melodic hardcore/post-rock/post-metal filled with angst and frustration. Influenced by bands like The Carrier, Killing the Dream, Meleeh, Oceana and Rise and Fall. NO OMEGA started out in January this year. Released a demo in May. Played with great bands Ruiner and Carpathian in August on their Sweden minitour. Did their first European tour in September with Poison My Blood (B) and More than a Thousand (PT). Releasing their debut 7-inch on WORLD vs COMETH Records at the beginning of December.

NO OMEGA are all vegans and vegetarians and we support these dietary choices because we, humyns, are "all-eaters" thereby can survive on a vegetarian diet. We do not need murder and the slaugther of so many lives and animals. To quote xAnchorx; "how can anyone choose death before life?".

There is also the industrial aspect to it. In western society we have reached a level and a stage where - we believe - that industries must be set up to provide enough goods and food for people. And when it becomes an industry, it becomes so much more. The suffering of millions of lives as well as the environmental side to it. Just to get meat on our plates when we so easily can live without it!

NO OMEGA are atheists. We don't support christianity or any other religion. "There is not enough love and goodness in the world to permit giving any of it away to imaginary beings". - Friedrich Nietzsche

You can still enjoy our music without agreeing with our views and opinions, but maybe we can inspire a few people with our thoughts. Thanks.

The chapters have been mostly about bands from the U.S to be considered as veterans by some. Bands that hardly can be experienced anymore through shows. They have done their part to form, to influence the scene, the music and people.

No Omega are not history, they are not shadows of yesterday. They formed in 2010 and got their name from a Cold World album. With intensive efforts they managed to tour with Ruiner and Carpathian with only a demo behind them. Musicwise they are not beginners, with a rich sound they follow and evolve in the footsteps of Killing The Dream, Meleeh, Modern Life Is War, Dead Swans and Rise And Fall. This saga have just begun, an extensive Europe tour in spring 2011 will be continued by another tour planned July to August this summer.

With their ep 7” vinyl No Omega have made an impact with, what they describe as, apocalyptic and melodical hardcore = Dead Swans x Deftones + Cult Of Luna

”No Omega from Sweden seem to be a hidden secret since their first EP entitled No Omega shows the band living up to many European contemporaries such as Rise and Fall, Zann, Oathbreaker and Trainwreck. The EP embodies very emotional/ dark hardcore spreading across many topics lyrically from veganism, politics and is written in a poetic muse much like their contemporaries. Though what sets them apart from these bands is the amount of passion and dedication put into each chord and each lyric. I don’t want to lump them into a category but I could definitely see this band on Deathwish Inc. or A389 in the near future. If you are a fan of dark/metallic hardcore and such as Seraphim, Rise and Fall, Oathbreaker, and Cursed then I would definitely check this out.” (



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