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Label(s)Flyktsoda, Monument

Monument Records together with our friends in Flyktsoda Records are psyched to present BLEACHDRINKER - awesome powerviolence from Stockholm, Sweden. 

The debut EP ”Icon” holds eight ripping songs that will for sure please fans of grindcore, powerviolence and fast as fuck hardcore!

Play fast, die!


Track list:
1. Rot
2. Pray
3. Mothers
4. War
5. Guilt
6. Bodies
7. Skin
8. Flags


Where they from?
Stockholm, Sweden. Ya know I tried looking up a bunch of interesting facts about Stockholm, but let’s be real here, that place is known for one thing and one thing only…HOSTING THE 1912 SUMMER OLYMPICS! I mean, what did you think I was gonna say, Stockholm Syndrome, the psychological condition where captives develop a loving bound with their captors? Get da fuck outta here with that Freud shit.

Why the hype?
With all the amazing ACTUAL grind that’s come out this year, I feel like it’s been a while since we spotlighted an honest-to-god powerviolence band but lo-and-behold I discovered Bleachdrinker on Bandcamp and pretty much fell in love right away (much like the way those hostages fell in love with their captors during that 1973 bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden).

This is pretty much no-nonsense aggressive, brutal PV much in the same way of Friendship’s first album. A voracious whirlwind of blast beats and D-beats that make you want to rob a bank in Stockholm in 1973 (OK, I will stop).

Latest Release?
Icon (self-released). As gritty and grimy and darkly neo-crust as this whole offering is there is in fact one special gem in here that got me super hype. The second to last song “Skin” starts off with an actual nu-metal one-string guitar riff. It’s like if Mushroomhead was channeled through Tragedy, I love it. It’s like the riff itself took me hostage and I at first resisted but then developed a strong psychological bond to it (I’M AN ASSHOLE).

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