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TitleStraight Edge: all ages TMNT
Price159 SEK
Artist(s)Straight Edge, Marc Strömberg
Label(s)Marc Strömberg, Monument Clothing, Monument, Marc UÅ

From the sewers comes a message: Say no to drugs, say yes to pizza! Turtle power!!

Designer: Marc Strömberg a.k.a. Marc UÅ. Marc used to be in bands like Håll Det Äkta and Forever Young (which we have both released on Monument), he is also the architect behind the Cloudberry Grenade soda and a true master of illustrations. Marc have done designs for bands like Strife and Division of Laura Lee as well as for Bastard Burgers and Umeå hockey team Björklöven. Marc is a real hardcore kid and he shares our passion for hardcore, Straight Edge and not least the love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Cowabunga!

Drug free - the way to be!


T-shirt: Gildan Heavy Cotton

Pre-orders are reserved and ship first. Est. shipping: October 2021.

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