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TitleHow much more
Price50 SEK
Artist(s)Insurance Risk
Label(s)Crucial Response

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Insurance Risk was a Norwegian straight edge hardcore band from Oslo hat started out as a two-piece project sometime during 1997 by Ollie and André. Their music and attitude was heavily inspired by the first wave of straight edge bands such as SS Decontrol, DYS and Negative FX and the likes. Espen joined the band sometime during 1998 on guitar. Insurance Risk recorded the "How Much More" 7" in January 1999 as a three-piece. The band was still considered as a project type of thing.

The band grow into a steady four-piece in spring of 1999 when Daniel and Petter joined. With this line-up Insurance Risk played live shows and did a short summer trip to Germany and Holland. For various reasons Insurance Risk got banned from the Blitz squat in Oslo. After the summer trip the band was focusing to write new songs for an LP for Crucial Response Records but the band fall apart without recording anything.

In 2002 Insurance Risk returned from the dead to record the "No Pity" 7" which was recorded in May 2002. Per Oskar replaced Petter on bass on this recording.

In 2009 both 7"s came out posthumous on the "Violence In Our Minds" LP.

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Track list:

A1 So Must I

A2 Too Much

A3 Fashionable Idiots

A4 Brothers

B1 We Don't Care

B2 Choke On It

B3 No Doubt In My Mind

B4 Not For Real

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