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TitleValence (color)
Price140 SEK
Label(s)Monument, The Underground Fraction, Redfield

Blistering passion, addictive riffs and crushing vocals filled with emotion: This is CEDRON! The Söderhamn based modern hardcore four-piece can be considered one of Sweden’s most hardworking bands.

2012 saw the release of their debut EP ‘Watching The Sun Turn Pitch Black‘. This resulted in CEDRON playing shows and festivals all over Sweden, as well as their first European tour, followed by a UK run.

Only one year later, CEDRON put out their first full-length record ‘Chased By Shades‘, which took the band to a higher level, reaching new fans all over the world. The release was followed by a run of ten shows in Australia and extensive touring through Europe, playing shows in over 30 different countries.

After months of writing and rewriting parts to perfection in the studio, CEDRON are proud to present you their newest record: ‘Valence‘. The eight-track album is a mindblowing set of political, yet personal messages and stories of kids growing up in a small town in the north of Sweden.

Valence‘ will be out February 12th via The Underground Fraction, Monument Records and Redfield Records on 180 grams 12” vinyl (200 x Solid Orange & Black mixed / 300 x Clear & Black mixed).

For fans of: Dead Swans, Killing the Dream, Modern Life is War, Meleeh and Anchor.


Track list:

Side A
1. Time Heal My Wounds (youtube)
2. Walking Gravestones
3. Neverlasting (youtube)
4. Done Breathing


Side B
5. No Peace Without Justice
6. The Underground
7. Writing Love
8. No One Else Can Take Your Part


* Pre-orders will be shipped first! Officially release-date February 12th, 2016.


Söderhamnskvartetten CEDRON tar på uppföljaren till 2013 års debut ”Chased by shades” steget upp i hardcorens elitserie. Med ena benet i genrens inhemska historik och det andra mitt i ett djärvt kliv som låter hjärtat diktera villkoren.

”Valence” har ett tilltal som osar av desperation, vilja, kärlek och något eteriskt som ofta tillhör hårda band från små städer. ”Done breathing” och ”No peace without justice” har sådan glöd och närvaro att det känns som att bandet står på mitt vardagsrumsgolv och lirar.

Drömska gitarrscenarion stänker djupblått vemod när chansen ges, vilket omsluter låtarna i känslomässig tyngd som trivs ihop med turbulens och röjiga riffresonemang. Och sånginsatsen knyter ihop säcken genom att packa klanglådan full av element från såväl BRING ME THE HORIZON som nittiotalets Umeåscen. [8/10]

Sonny Jonasson

Recension från Close-Up Magazine #182 (Mars 2016)


Soderhamn Quartet Cedron takes on the sequel to the 2013 debut "Chased by shades" and step up to the Elite League of hardcore. With one foot in the genre indigenous history and the other in the middle of a bold leap that allows the heart to dictate the terms.

"Valence" has an address that smacks of desperation, desire, love and slightly ethereal which often belong to hard band from small towns. "Done breathing " and "No peace without justice" has such passion and presence that it feels like the band is on my living room floor and plays.

Dreamy guitar scenarios splashing deep blue sadness when given the chance, which encloses the songs of emotional weight that thrive together with turbulence and awesome riffs reasoning. And vocal effort brings together the bag by packing the sound box full of elements from both the Bring Me the Horizon as the nineties Umeå Stage . [ 8/10 ]


Sonny Jonasson


Review from Close-Up Magazine # 182 ( March 2016 )


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