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Track list:
1. Karnival
2. Eight Years of Rest


 Karnival starts with some pensive guitar before Tellusian's take on grind infused metal flies at you. This is really groovy, off-kilter stuff that doesn't actually bear much resemblance to grindcore at all. It's fast in place but also incredibly musical, especially with the clean guitar that's employed here. The vocals however are pretty heavy, which does befit the music.

Eight Years of Rest follows in a similar vein and shows off Tellusian's progressive side. From what I remember of Crowpath, they were pretty fast, but these guys are a lot different. They even manage to throw in some twin guitar melodies, amongst their other ideas. This song is full of meaty riffs and like Karnival before it, is well worth a listen.

Overall, two tracks just aren't enough I'm afraid! The musicality on show here is incredible and I for one can't wait for Tellusian to bring out a full length.


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