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Title090 (color)
Price100 SEK
Artist(s)Håll Det Äkta
Label(s)The Underground Fraction, Monument Distribution

THE UNDERGROUND FRACTION are really proud to announce that our first release will be with the Umeå hardcore outfit HÅLL DET ÄKTA! We are pretty sure you have heard their tunes on Spotify. We felt that these songs deserved something way better than the digital format and therefore we will give you the 090” LP that compiles both the “Svensk underjord” EP and the “De få & de stolta” EP on one LP.

For those who are not familiar with the band, we can tell you that they are a fresh breeze in the current Swedish hardcore scene.  With current and former members of bands like LESRA, KIDNAPPED and FOREVER YOUNG they carry the torch in the world famous Umeå Hardcore scene. With vocals sung in Swedish and a band name that not only translates to “Keeping it real” they also stand for everything that we at TUF believe in. Hardcore for hardcore. Thank you HÅLL DET ÄKTA for keeping it real. And YOU can thank us later for putting it out on plastic.
This will be our first attack on mainstream culture and it will be a fatal one. The treacherous calm is being exchanged into chaos before a new world order can be staged and Håll Det Äkta may be the trigger.


Track list:
Side A:
1. Psykos
2. De få & de stolta
3. Smaken av lycka
4. Bränn boken
5. P.S.A.O.M

Side B:
6. Svensk underjord
7. Den inre cirkeln
8. Andas in
9. Regel nummer ett

Release date: October 31:st, 2013.
300 copies (clear vinyl w/ orange splatter)

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