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TitleUnquestioning unrequited
Price165 SEK

Swedish artist noemienours gives forth a cassette glistening with magnetic magic, and winter like sounds all emerging through affected guitars and other sparse instrumentation. what emerges is a ghostly scene, with the protagonist hiding somewhere in the wilderness, not seen, but heard. a cryptic musical lesson everyone should venture upon.


Track list:

1. for bear reasons

2. unquestioning unrequited

3. notbeingperceived

4. Белое на белом

5. mirroring ice

6. the saddest bears

7. the sea looking at me

8. unquestioning unrequited II


“All-ages bear-saving plant-fueled non-ideological drug-free home-recorded slo-core from the forests of Sweden” so it says on the tin – fragile, fractured, brave, less is more, love the sparse production, the sctatch and scrape of it all, the textures, the nails on a blackboard, is this what the forests of Sweden sound like, I only know the battle of Epping Forest. Unquestioning unrequited? I do like the artwork, the art of it all, the dare of it all, the guts, it isn;t quite otherly, it isn;t quite anything and non of the songs properly end which I kind of admire, I like the way nothing is concluded, that everything just hangs there in the wind or in those trees or who reallyknows where. Sparse, not minimalists though, not haunting, not quite inviting, almost like ot listen is to intrude, I do like it rather a lot. Noémie sent it in herself, it isn’t that clear who Noémie is? She sounds like a quiet cat at times, out there just out of sight, some of it seems sad, the saddest bears, meloncholic, thanks Noémie, I really like it, it seems very personal, I feel like I’m intruding but I do really like it “All music, lyrics, artwork, recording, mixing, mastering by noemienours, recorded on Fostex reel-to-reel 8-track in Stockholm, this is noemienours record #4. ”

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