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TitleRational youth CD + SWEATER
Price280 SEK
Label(s)Monument, DIY

PRE-ORDER pack, cd+sweater. Limited edition

From the west coast of Sweden, Crowsnest don’t like to compromise when it comes to their music. Since the band started the goal has always been to do something different, something that you won’t see in just any other band. So after releasing the debut demo-EP "Abandon All" in 2014 and the second EP "Nothing Is Under Control" in 2015 the band is now putting out their most groundbreaking material to date. With a more diverse sound than on any of the earlier releases, the debut album "Rational Youth" will mark a very important step in the band’s musical journey.


The lyrics on the album "Rational Youth" is about the modern world and the problematic things that are going on in it. From calling out corrupt world leaders in "Snake Eyes" to talking about more social issues in "Dirty Old Town", the album touches a lot of important subjects. To keep the lyrics open and straightforward is something that is really important to Crowsnest as a band. As far as the music goes the process of writing the album has been the longest in Crowsnest's history. It took around two years for the band to find the right sound, the right songs and to polish everything until they felt that it was spot on.


Track list:
1. Fake
2. Snake Eyes
3. Think
4. Fed Up
5. Virus
6. She Will Kill You
7. Mad World
8. Ruined
9. Dirty Old Town
10. Take Cover
11. Everyday Collapse

Releasedate: 2017-10-07

Distributed by Monument

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