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TitleMidnight raids
Price50 SEK
Label(s)Monument, Assault, The Underground Fraction, Epidemic, Mosh Potatoes, Angry Music, Lösa Boliner

IRON: Fast, pissed off hardcore punk from Malmö, Sweden. Vegan, straight edge, sex positive, queer and vehemently anti-capitalist. Five songs of rage and passion, spanning over themes such as direct action/animal liberation, sexual freedom and drug free living for the revolution. Recorded by Hannes Heed in the IRON rehersal space April 2015. Mastered by GG at All In Audio. 


Track list:

Side A:
1. Intro mosh/Money is a sign of poverty
2. Drugfree resistance
3. The flood

Side B:
4. Perv pride
5. Will to power


Black 7″ vinyl
Pressing info Monument: 25 copies
Release date: 10 August 2015


7″ ep is set for release in August 2015 in collaboration with the following labels:

Assault Records (Germany)
Lösa Boliner (Sweden)
The Underground Fraction (Sweden)
Epidemic Records (Italy)
Angry Music (Denmark)
Mosh Potatoes (Belgium)
Monument Recordings (Sweden)
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