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TitleDesperate fight
Price100 SEK
Label(s)Monument, The Underground Fraction, Assault, Mosh Potatoes

The sex positive, queer, vegan straight edge and vehemently anti-capitalist hardcore band from Malmö strikes back! We are really stoked on this project. There's no secret that we loved IRON's first release, the much talked-about "Sex positive hardcore" EP that came out last year. When we heard about a new record being recorded we instantly contacted the band and asked if we could join the ride. This release will knock everyone down. Just the album title "Desperate Fight" means the world to us (Umea vibes?).

For fans of: Final Exit, D.S.-13 and Vitamin X!

Iron "Desperate fight" is brought to you by the solid cooperation between Monument and The Underground Fraction, Assault, Mosh Potatoes and Judas Cradle.


Track list:

Side A:
1. Get out!
2. Break new ground
3. The beauty of science
4. Never again
5. NMA

Side B:
6. Songs of war
7. Förevigt och alltid
8. Apparent horizon
9. No return
10. New aryans (Reagan Youth cover)


Black solid vinyl
Total press: 1000 copies

* Pre-order will be shipped first. Releasedate 24:th of May 2014


Here it is!

The vehemently proactive XVX kids from Malmö strike back with their long awaited (at least for me) debut full-length following their exceedingly vigorous “Sex Positive Hardcore” EP.

But I guess as much as being drug free to the bones you also have to overdose on passion, desperate love for hardcore punk music and dedication to unbreakable ideals if you dare to make a record called Desperate Fight in 2014. It seems to me this is not just a homage to the legendary 90′s Umeå scene the folks from IRON have grown-up listening to (Abhinanda, Final Exit, DS-13, Refused, Saidiwas, etc.), because they also manage to blend into it everything nice that came out from Sweden in the very recent years with great bands like Anchor, Stay Hungry and Hårda Tider. It’s fast, raw and angry, but yet melodic and upbeat hardcore punk that starts where their EP left off, with a song about gender-queer folks taking back the scene and fighting together against homophobic, transphobic and misogynist prejudices, the cool surprise are the songs about science and astrophysics that will please every god free vegan straightedge kid/loser/nerd worshiping Carl Sagan, and of course IRON make sure to point out that animal abuse is completely wrong and you must dare to face the facts of the slaughterhouse!

Unsurprisingly the record filling the gap between the different generations of Swedish hardcore kids finishes with a cover, but rather than a Refused cover it’s 80′s American hardcore classic “New Aryans”, originally by Reagan Youth. I could easily explain their choice with the intention to play a well known anti-nazi punk anthem in response to the resurgence of right-wing extremism in Europe and the recent events in their hometown Malmö where a fellow queer and anti-racist activist was stabbed by Nazi thugs after a feminist demo.

The fun is definitely guaranteed whether you like fast and political punk or moshing to heavy breakdowns as long as you enjoy to sing-along the lines of “Trans* in the front, queers at the back, this is your scene. Attack! Attack!” or from my own experience simply nod your head and repeat “Go vegan!” while listening to IRON as you prepare your sweet fruit smoothie for breakfast. Bring back the VSXE pride and get this cool record from Assault Records (Germany), Mosh Potatoes (Belgium) or Judas Cradle, Monument HQ and The Underground Fraction if you’re in Sweden!



IRON – Desperate Fight LP

Malmös straight edge-pluton IRON häver sig på tå, slår ut med armarna och skriker utmanande: “Do you have what it takes/to make a real change?”. Det är befriande med ett band som sätter budskapet i centrum. Som kämpar mot sexism, djurförtryck och kapitalism i en scen som enligt dem själva blivit alltmer opolitisk.

Albumtiteln pekar förstås mot nittiotalets Umeå och även en del av IRONs snabbfotade musik för tankarna till framför allt FINAL EXIT.

Den drygt sexton minuter korta debut-lp:n rymmer dock en hel del annat också. ”Songs of war har dystra gitarrmelodier medan ”För evigt och alltid” får kängpunkskänsla tack vare språkbytet. I ”NMA” skapar sänkt tempo och dissonanta tendenser en slagkraft som passar väl ihop med omslagets krossade fönsterrutor. Desperata tider kräver desperat kamp.

Review: Daniel Axelsson, Close Up #164 (Augusti 2014). Betyg: 7/10.


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