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TitleThe mother of armageddon (color: purple, 2:nd press)
Price100 SEK
Label(s)Monument, Defiant Hearts, Judas Cradle

Since "The mother of armageddon" was nominated "the best record of 2012" and sold completely out of stock on the PRE-ORDER last time we at Monument felt the relentless heartbeats again;

Undergång must be ressurected from the grave of vinyl!

This is due requests and silly ebay auctions ($$$) and not a replica from the original black vinyl; the 2:nd press comes only in purple with new artwork (slightly adjusted).

They'll all be gone with the death of our pre-order.


It was about time that these unruly Uppsala punks got their shit the fuck together. Many of us have waited a long time for Undergång to finally wake from the dead and make an LP. They are the type of band that can leave a true mark, set milestones and record that piece of music that a time and place in hardcore is remembered by. From the insane drum beats of Uno and bass work of Frank in the ultra-tight rhythm section, via the blazing guitar battles of Johannes and Einar, and forward all the way to the barb-wire deathmatch that is the dual vocals of Affe and Crippe, two of the biggest mongoloids ever to share a stage in this country.

The Mother of Armageddon, huh? I guess that's one way to label it. Or a call to the downcast spirits of Occult hunger. A ghost of former splendor checking its reflection in a mountain of meth. An anointing of the unchosen. A ritualistic celebration of the scorned and wrong, high on virtuous violence and disregard. For anything     and everything. A decaying phoenix bird, rising from the ashes of plague pits. Picking on your eardrums like Mortar fire, like Absinthe sucked through a straw and spat in your eye. Gashed foreheads, no fucks given. In 500 fucking kilometers an hour.

Or, you could just say that it's a hand full of maniacs who have reached a level of brilliance at what they're doing. Which is to play faster than you, tighter than you, harder than you. To hit more furiously, spit longer, set the musket sights higher. To aim kicks at your nose and land them on your free will. You know you shouldn't  come close, but you're drawn to it. The violence, the chaos, the ZZ     Top cover. You wake up in the gutter with limbs missing and an untamable urge to do it again. And again.

Undergång's debut LP "The Mother of Armageddon" is the one you can't get away from.

// Staffan Snitting, Law and Order Fanzine (


Track list:
Side A
1. Pedophiliac priest
2. De-evolution
3. Gluttony
4. Critic eyes
5. Supposed to rock
6. Feeding on human misery
7. The graveyard
8. Disconnect
9. B.T.K.
10. Jaws
11. (I am) Nihilist

Side B
1. Anti hippie hardcore
2. John Wayne was a gacy
3. I take a lot of pride in what I am
4. Tear it up
5. Shackles of boredom
6. U.A.H.C.
7. Order of the armageddon
8. Keep jesus out of hardcore
9. Subject yourself (to negativity)
10. Skate/die
11. D.J.M.T.A.
12. Heard it on the X

1:st press SOLD OUT:
425x black
100x color (transparant blue w/ black splatter
5 Testpresses

2:nd press:
275x solid purple, magenta (77x by Monument)
Releasedate: 2013-11-18
* An A2-poster of the awesome cover is included when you order.


2:nd press is with our great friends: Defiant Hearts, Judas Cradle, Undergång.


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