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Unbroken - Releases

Spirit of ´77
It´s getting t...
Indecision Vide...
I see no heaven...


Chapter 4: Unbroken (U.S)

The hardest part is to give a correct and justifying story about Unbroken and what Unbroken meant and still mean to people, hardcore and music. It's a hard mission to compromise a band of this calibre to a short text, words upon words... Alternative Press (#240) named Unbroken in its cover story to be one of ”23 bands who shaped punk” and declared them to be a great influence to newer acts like Modern Life Is War, Suicide File, Hope Conspiracy, Bleeding Through and many more.

Unbroken, from San Diego, was an active band between 91-95, doing numerous tours and playing shows back and forth the U.S. They promoted activily the straight edge philosophy and the name ”Unbroken” came from the disappointment that former band like Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits etc. weren't anymore.

The members were also in the bands like Swing Kids, Kill Holiday, Some Girls, the Vows, Over My Dead Body, Narrows (Deathwish) and many others during and after the existance. Unbroken have lately been playing reunion shows occassionally, 11 April 2011 in New York:

Unbroken who tore the place apart by the time they got to their second song "Blanket" from Life. Love. Regret.. Energy and intensity were on full-display from both the band & the crowd. The packed Santos folk brimmed with excitement. (




Full-length albums:
Ritual (1993)
Life. Love. Regret. (1994)

It's getting tougher to say the right things (all singles and eps, 2000)
Death of true spirit (both albums were re-released on one CD, 2003)
It's for life

EPs and singles:
You Won't Be Back 7" (1992)
Unbroken/Groundwork split "Final Expression"/"Set Up" 7" (1993)
Unbroken/Abhinanda split "Love Will Tear Us Apart" 7" (1994)
And/Fall on Proverb 7" (1994)
Circa '77 ("Absentee Debate"/"Crushed on You") 7" (1995)
Unbroken/Ati's Warriors split (contains both bands' demos, 2002)



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